To date my career has focused around the demanding motor business, both at dealer, independent and at head office status, the main emphasis of which has been on customer care.   Consequently I have heaps of customer care experience, dealing with the general public in an efficient and courteous manner and as you will see from my CV, a copy of which I attach, the skills and experience I have acquired over the years fulfils well your ‘Person Specification’ for this post.

However over the last six or seven years my interests have changed direction away from motors and I now spend a generous amount of my free time researching local military history. 

Eighteen months ago I started ‘Western Heights Today’ the place on the Internet to discover and learn all about the defences on the hill opposite Dover’s mediaeval castle.  This work is continuing and I have now been asked by the White Cliffs Countryside Project to prepare and give four guided walks over the Heights in the Summer.

My own personal interest also extends to Dover Castle and its various defences, both in and outside the curtain wall.  I sit on the committee of the Friends of Dover Castle and regularly contribute to its newsletter ‘The Magazine’.  I am also building an Internet site for the Friends which will not only be about the Friends scheme but will be a main resource for anyone wanting to know how to visit the Castle or just wanting to find out about its history.  I am also aware of the Castle’s historical setting within the region and of the other types of coast and anti-invasion defences in this area.

This change of interest from motors to history has made me realise how important our past is and how essential it is that visitors to historic sites are given every opportunity to fully understand the significance of the site that surrounds they in the ruins of Camber Castle or the grandeur of Dover's.

I feel that the experience I’ve gained within the motor business has stood me in good stead with skills that cannot be more relevant than in the position being applied for and I look forward to the start of a new career within a historical surrounding.