The author of Western Heights Today first became interested in fortifications in 1993 when he started exploring the Heights with a copy of David Burridge’s ‘A Guide to The Western Heights’ in his back pocket. David is chairman of the ‘Kent Defence Research Group’ of which the site author is a member.

The author is also on the committee of ‘The Friends of Dover Castle’ which is a society created with the aim of providing extra resources to English Heritage to spend specifically on the Castle. The members of this group are also given free entry to Dover’s magnificent castle all year round on payment of an annual subscription. A regular newsletter is also distributed to members to which the author is a regular contributor.

After walking up and down the very steep hills around the Heights many times since 1993 it became evident that a minimum of preservation work was being carried out and thus the idea of creating this site was borne.

The site will hopefully serve two purposes. One, to be of interest to fortification buffs around the world, of which there are very many, and two, keep Dover’s townsfolk and tax payers in touch with any developments, good or bad, that directly affect the Heights.

We hope you enjoy finding out about Western Heights Today, the home of Dover’s defences. If you have any input or comments or have pictures or perhaps if you were stationed at the Heights in their ‘glory days’ we would be very pleased to hear from you, and you can leave a message on the site guest book which is located at the site's homepage.

By Chief Reporter, Hugh Moorland