Western Heights

This section is about trying to make old photographs copy-proof.  Using Microsoft Image Composer 1.5 it is possible to insert writing across an illustration without rendering that iluustration too messy.  This is achieved by varying the transparency of of the writing.

Please see examples below.


museum1.jpg (59317 bytes)

Grand Shaft Barracks


museum2.jpg (79663 bytes)

Sea Front


museum3.jpg (89815 bytes)

Grand Shaft Barracks, Postmarked 1915


museum4.jpg (72665 bytes)

Grand Shaft Barracks Guard Room on Snargate Street, 1909


museum6.jpg (81334 bytes)

Archcliffe Military Hospital

museum5.jpg (85889 bytes)

Archcliffe Militray Hospital, Postmarked 1914