SouthFront Barracks


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Site of South Front Barracks, Now a Lorry Park, May 1999.

(The Sea is at the Top of the Picture)

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Site of South Front Barracks From Remains of Barrier Ditch

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Before truck yard established, 1997

On March 13, 1903 the Dover Express reported that...

"...The barrack accommodation at Dover is not only inadequate but bad in quality, so bad that a considerable portion of it is now closed...Then the South Front Barracks are altogether too small for a battalion of anything like authorised strength..."

The barracks were supplied with fresh water from their own dedicated underground water storage tanks.  These were three massive brick-lined reservoirs.   Here are a couple of pictures of inside one of the tanks today.  They are still full.  The total capacity of the three combined was/is some 100,000 gallons of water.   Bet it tasted horrible !


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Entrance to SouthFront Barracks in Mid-1970's

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About the Same View, June 1999